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Project Zen is taking a new approach beginning on May 21 2013. I will be spending 300 days attempting to do what the specialists do not seem to be able to do. I am going to improve my health. For the last 2 years I have been getting progressively worse with no light at the end of the tunnel and no positive results from the many specialists that I have seen. I plan to change my life for 300 days starting mith my diet. I am moving to a Vegan diet as the heavy meat diet my specialist have suggested has done nothing but make my life experience worse over the last two years and bring me no closer to becoming well. I am going to practice Qi Gong every day for 300 days. Qi Gong is a Taoist internal art of self healing and rebalancing ones enrages with the universe. Finally I will be practicing meditation every day with out fail, again for 300 days. (for full story and information click HERE)


Folding 1000 Cranes is an ancient custom done in Japan to bring luck and good health to someone who is very ill. The science of Noetic research has inspired me to get really interested in the 1000 cranes custom. I will be folding 1000 Cranes for Project Zen this year. 4 a day for 250 days. I will be posting a picture every day to mark the progress. I am also asking for others to take up some paper and fold with me. It is my hope that this will not only help me to recover but that it will spread the joy of paper folding (Origami) with other people around the world. I figure this will take approximately 15 minutes of your day once you get used to folding the cranes. (for full story and information click HERE)


My friends call me WolfmaN. I have many interests but primarily I like to think of my self as a Renaissance man or sorts. I am always out to improve my self in some way and build the skills I already have. I originally started project Zen to learn about Zen and possibly become a better person. After 4 months or so into the project I became very ill and had to take a medical leave from work. Unfortunately I have been very ill for the last two years. I suffer from a total lack of energy and a weak immune system. I have been seeing specialist after specialist for the last two years with no luck moving forward with my health. (for more information about who I am please click HERE)


You can go straight to my personal blog HERE.

Folding for Health
Wish for health with 1000 Paper Cranes!!
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