Low impact fitness, what can I do?

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Low impact fitness? What can you do? I have been having a really difficult time trying to fit fitness into my life since falling ill and now that I am back to work part time it seems even harder. I am constantly running low on energy and if I try to do some simple weight[...]

Day 14

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Hey, so it has been 14 days and I have been utterly exhausted from doing these 21 minute routines. I know this is due to my medical condition and I am not complaining I am just worried I am pushing my self to hard. But I have heard from a couple of different folks who[...]

Exercises Week 2

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Well I have to tell you that the first week was absolutely devastating. I really felt my condition, I was utterly exhausted for the rest of every day last week. But I felt more positive than I have felt in months… at least I was accomplishing something. I was so tired that I could not[...]

Exercises for Week One…

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In the first week I do not want to do anything to strenuous, nor should you if you are starting on a path of health and you have been leading an inactive unhealthy life up until now. (I should especially since this tumour on my thyroid leaves me with some serious fatigue and weakens my[...]

Fitness made Simple

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Here I will post articles, thoughts, exercises and techniques; that will help you to understand the body, how it moves and how to keep it fit. Tweet

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