Vegetarian Protein Foods Tell someone you’re vegetarian, and the first objection you’ll likely get is, “But where do you get your protein?” (Nevermind what kind of shape the person asking is often in.) I personally have not let the protein issue affect me, choosing instead to cook and eat a wide variety of foods and[...]

Health Benefits of Chlorophyll

I eat tones of leafy greens and one of the main reasons for the chlorophyll. They are also great tasting and usually full of iron, among other nutrients. I found this great article by Laura Dawn. I figured there was no reason to write an article when she has done it so thoroughly. Please read[...]

Sugar The Bitter Truth

Sugar the bitter truth Hello everyone, I want to take this opportunity to share one of the most important nutritional videos that you will ever see. In this video they discuss the effects of sugar on our body and back it with the science that proves it. It is a little over an hour long[...]

Vitamin D – Important?

If you are an avid follower of health and nutrition you will likely have heard all the buzz about Vitamin D (more specifically D3). It is now the belief of many well educated professionals in this filed, that vD3 is the vitamin that most people are deficient in and the most important one to not[...]

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