Projects I am working on …

CREATIVE PROJECTS 1. Wa Ki Ryu book (75% complete) 2. Develope a woman’s self-defence course (80% complete) 3. Revamp store front (complete) 4. Design E-bike and if possible $$ build (design complete) 5. Finish Concept art for Comic book (35% complete) 6. Story outline for comic (complete) 7. Launch website for Thursday game night[...]

Project Zen Books

PROJECTZEN BOOKS 1. The Method of Zen 2. The Unfettered Mind 3. The Empty Mirror 4. The Essence of Karate 5. Writtings of the Zen Masters 6. Zen and the Art of Leadership 7. The China Study 8. Karate Do – My Way of Life 9. Striking Thoughts 10. Zen and the Martial Arts 11.[...]

These are the items that I will be freeing my self from

Here i will be keeping a list of the books I have read every month that are specifically ProjectZen related as well as a list of all the things that i am giving away. i will also keep a list of any thing else i read for a couple of different reasons. One is so[...]

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Folding for Health
Wish for health with 1000 Paper Cranes!!
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