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I am happy to announce that Project Zen 2.0 will launch on February 1st 2012. Along with over hauling and launching the new site I will be launching a Project Zen Facebook presence; along with Twitter and an apple iPhone app.

2011 was a very interesting year for me. A few short months after launching Project Zen I fell ill and for several months did not get better, in fact I got worse. Late in the year I found out that there is a tumour on my thyroid gland. Since then I have been on different medications and different suggested eating regimes. One of which is eating meat … which I know causes me digestive issues. Not only that but it seems to makes me put on weight. So in October 2010, when I started to work to wards regaining my previous fitness level I went from 251 lb. down to 178 lb. by march 2011. This was great but since this tumour and other illnesses I have been mostly bed ridden and forced into eating a diet that does not work with my digestive system. Also that combined with not been able to preform any vigorous exercise and I am back up to 210 lb. as of January 2012.

Not only is this very unhealthy but it is also very frustrating. However this opens up an excellent opportunity to share all my knowledge of fitness, nutrition, and apply it to a simple affordable process for obtaining a balanced healthy life. I believe that everything can be defeated with the right attitude and metal determination.

I have put together a simple exercise routine that can be done in twenty minutes, as well as a pescitarian (wit many vegan and vegetarian dishes) eating system that gives you all the nutrients you require, and by fallowing me through out the year you will learn everything that you need to know to be able to do this for your self. Not only that but at the end of the 12 month period I will put a video together of a time lapse of a daily picture that will show exactly what you are to expect to achieve in that time period.

Also with this years PZ I will be posting in my Food for Thought at least a bi-monthly recipe of a delicious vegetation (either vegan, vegetarian or pescitarian) meal. Complete with pictures and when possible a video. In this section of the website I will also post important information you need to have to make sure you are eating properly as well as what foods to avoid. I will post other authors articles and link them as it is appropriate.

I will also post a new exercise every day? week? (not sure yet) in the Simply Fitness section of the website.

As far as meditation goes I am expert in the Karate style of meditation and novice in the Zazen style of Zen Monks. But I will post several interesting facts, ideas and suggestions for your meditation as the year progresses in the Meditation made Easy section of the site through out the year.

Last but not least is the relieving myself of worldly burdens. This year I am not going to give something away every weak, I am instead going to give back to the community once a month in an effort to free my self of unwanted stresses and unnecessary possessions. You can fallow my Facebook page ProjectZen to keep track of all the community events that will take place over the year.

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