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In the first week I do not want to do anything to strenuous, nor should you if you are starting on a path of health and you have been leading an inactive unhealthy life up until now. (I should especially since this tumour on my thyroid leaves me with some serious fatigue and weakens my immune system.) But I am sick of being constantly stagnant and resting all the time as well. My Doctors have told me to take it easy as we work through every thing and figure out how to fix all the different issues that are being caused by this tumour. But it has been several months of doing nothing but rest so now it is time to step it up. Because I find if I am not doing anything active I start to become depressed and I want to be happy. So I have sorted out a basic routine for the first week back into healthiness but before you can start it you will need a piece of equipment.


My favourite way to train is to use interval training. To do that properly you need an interval timer, the minimum would be two intervals but the more the merrier. Now if you are an apple fan as I am, you will likely have an iphone, ipod touch, or an ipad. If so, that is great because there are several apps that have interval timers on them, for instance the GymBoss app, this is a great one and it is free. :) There are of corse, many others but you can search them all on the app store for your selfs. Another option is a wrist watch that has them included as a feature. If you are an ipod nano or classic user then here is a great model that allows you the interval timer and control of you ipod iRonMan iControl it is on sale. Of corse these are just sugestions you can use any form as long as it has interval. I personally use the iRonMan Sleek as it has 3 interval timers on it and they all have up to 16 stages. (I will do a full review of this watch soon as it is a great training tool for several reasons.) This allows me to set up all kinds of work outs with out having to change modes of the watch or use a secondary stop watch as well. If these options don’t work for you due to budget then the cheapest one i have found online that is a stand alone interval style timer is at GymBoss, where their cheapest model is only 19.99 and you can pay with paypal.


So, the routine for the first week will consist of a 2 minute stretch, 3 minute warm up, 3 sets of 4 intervals (consisting of calisthenic exercise with 10 secnond change time and a 1 minute rest between sets) and finally a 3 minute cool down. This little routine uses no weights just you and your timer. You should do this routine 3 times in the week with your off days going for a walk or a run if you prefer to run. I my self will be doing a walk/run at a 2-1 ratio. Running for two minutes and walking for one with 2 min stretching and 1 min of walking for a warm up, ending with a 3 min walking cool down. This should take a total of 21 minutes and have five run/walk intervals.


For the stretching I will be stretch in my triceps, shoulders, back, hips, neck, legs and wrists with a few simple stretches. Holding each one for 20 seconds with a 10 second pause between stretches. (You may also want to use a yoga mat or some kind of padding on your floor just for added comfort.)


For this I will be doing some variations of walking on the spot in conjunction with variations arm raises. Just to get the heart pumping and lubricate the joints. If you like to use music to work out (or thing you might like it) then I suggest you use some music that keeps time with a comfortable pace of a brisk walk. If you have done some aerobics before feel free to use some of those basic steps as a warm up. Make sure you stretch first and don’t push the pace too much for the warm up and burn your self out for the real work.


Each interval will be 1 minute in length with a 10 seconds to go between exercises.

First of which will be push ups. Just the standard wide arm push ups. Do as many as you can in the entire minute. Don’t go to fast make sure you touch your nose the the floor with each one. (This does not mean smash you face into the ground) Make a record of the amount you do if you would like to keep track of your progress, I do. :)

1) Place your hands on the floor approximately two shoulder-lengths apart.

2) Keep your back straight and your knees straight and parallel to the floor.

3) Slowly lower your body so your nose is nearly touching the floor and your chest is around 4 inches away from doing the same.

4) Return to the start position by explosively pressing yourself upward.

5) It is imperative to keep your back and body as straight as possible throughout this movement.

Second interval will be crunches. Again do not rush make sure you really contract those abs before you go down to start the next one. Also don’t hold the back of your head place your finger tips behind the ears this way you wont be tempted to pull on your head and hurt your neck but also cheat yourself of the benefits of the exercise.

1. Start position: Lie back on the floor or bench with knees bent and hands behind ears.

2. Keep elbows back and out of sight.

3. Head should be in a neutral position with a space between chin and chest.

4. Leading with the chin and chest towards the ceiling, contract the abdominal and raise shoulders off floor or bench.

5. Return to start position.

6. Remember to keep head and back in a neutral position. Hyperextension or flexion of either may cause injury.

Third interval will be step squats. Sorry for the broken record but you don’t want to rush it is not about quantity if is quality of movement. Do as many as you can do be surprised if your legs start to burn in the first set, this is real work and until you get used to it, it will be difficult.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.

2. Start by stepping to the right with your right foot and proceed into a squat.

3. Return to the standing position with your feet shoulder width apart.

4. Now step to your left with your left foot and proceed into a squat.

5. Return to the starting position and repeat.

Forth interval is a 1 minute rest. If you need it have a sip of water and try not to sit down, if you can keep moving. Maybe just walking around your mat or marching on the spot at very low intensity.

Now you repeat these intervals 2 more times and you can begin your cool down.


I will be doing this in much the same fashion as the warm up. Variations of walking on the spot in conjunction with variations arm raises. This will be for 3 minutes. If you are listening to music which I will be I will use a 125 beats per minute for my cool down. Once you are done this you will have taken 21 minutes and 30 seconds out of your day.

I will be doing my routine first thing in the morning when I wake up. As this is a great way to boot your metabolism and start the day. Once you are done the work out I would wait 30 minutes to eat your breakfast.

**Remember before starting any kind of fitness routine consult with your doctor and if you do not know how to do these exercises properly then you should consult a professional who can show you how.**

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