Day one … off to a good start.

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Well even though for the first day of a PZ 2.0 it started off pretty well, I was still put in my place by my medical situation. I woke up this morning and took my pill that is supposed to stabilize my thyroid then waited thirty minutes before I did my little 21 min routine. Let me tell you that 20 minutes was so much harder than I had expected. But I still feel that even though it is very hard it is going to do more good than harm. As I have mentioned before I have spent the last 8 months in rest doing test after test and taking lots of different medications with very little effective results. But the day breaks down like this:

1. Stretching – went just fine
2. Warm Up – went well I got up a good sweat going but was already starting to feel short of breath
3. Interval 1
- push ups 38
- crunches 42
- step squats 36
4. Interval 2
- push ups 27
- crunches 36
- step squats 32
5. Interval 3
- push ups 18
- crunches 26
- step squats 30
6. Cool down

By the end of the workout I was decimated I was so exhausted I needed to lie down. So I did and i ended up falling asleep for a couple of hours. By the time I woke up I was famished. I cold not believe how much it laid waste to me physically. So I got some food and then still needed to lie down still. So I sat on my couch and tried to read while I rested. I woke up a couple of hours after that. So then feeling a little better I decided to tidy the house up. After sweeping, dusting and doing some dishes I found my self fatigued again. So I had a little sit down, next thing I knew it was almost 5 pm. I have Tai Chi on wednesdays and when ever I can fit it in (energy levels dependent). I go to Tai Chi in an effort to try and help me with my energy levels and this tumour. Anyway I raced to have a shower and head to Tai Chi.

Tai Chi class this week we covered a move called parting wild horsed mane. This was very difficult and left me wanting for my puffer. But I made it though and in the end felt better for even though I was really tired. Came home, had some dinner and now I am writing this.

So food for the Day:

Started the day with medication, vitamins and greens plus.

Breakfast – smoked salmon omelette with grilled mushrooms and onions.

Snack – n/s

Lunch – no time for lunch so I had a meal replacement bar.

Snack – n/a

Dinner – Tai broccoli salad.

I had 2 liters of water and 2 glasses of tea.

All in all today was a good day I am still suffering from really low energy but I am keeping a positive mind and with diligent healthy food, exercise, meditation, tai chi, acupuncture and western medicine I am certain that in the end I will come out on top of all my medical ailments.

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