Well after one year I cleared out almost half of my belongings!

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I finally got my way down to my storage unit to take a picture to do a comparison on before and after my purge of material items. I think it turned out pretty well.

After working hard to fallow through on all my goals for last year with PZ, one of the things I was able to keep up with was getting rid of things that were weighing me down. So this is the result of giving away or selling one item every week for a year…



After 12 months I was able to get rid of almost half of the things I have had in storage. I think that is pretty good. This year I will keep working on it although not as intensely and I will try and get rid of half of what is left. Remember this year is more about giving back to the community than it is about getting rid of material items.


Onto something a little more current:

Today was a rough day, as I heard from my LTD representative that they will no longer be suprting me as they think that I should be well now. They said they had not heard anything from my Doctor or Specialists since November and that was not good enough. I thought it was odd that they were only telling me now and not letting me know earlier that there was some sort of communication issue. As I had understood it, I had given them access to all my medical information from day one by filling out their forms and what not. So naturally I had understood this to mean they would be monitoring everything every step of the way. As it turns out they have not. When I contacted my doctors office they told me a different story. So now I am confused as to who has their information straight and how I am supposed to l with this.

They want me to return to work, don’t get me wrong I to want to return to work, but not before the doctors think it is time to do so. The thing is I know I am going to have an issue with working as i can barley get through 25 minutes of continues exercise with out running short of breath and energy to carry out any further productivity for an hour or two. It also leaves me exhausted for the rest of the day. I am at a loss at the moment on how to deal… but I will sort it out some how. I will have to sell some things to make rent this month and work truck payments. But, it is not the first time that has happened since I have been off with this condition, as their payments have been less than reliable.


Started the day with medication, vitamins and greens plus.

Breakfast – omelette with grilled mushrooms, peppers and onions.

Snack – smoked salmon with some cheese and greens.

Lunch – sprout salad with assorted veggies.

Snack – cut raw veggies and dip

Dinner – Vegan and gluten free meal replacement (not my favourite thing to eat but I am trying to use the stuff in the house to conserve money for end of month).

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