Low impact fitness, what can I do?

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Low impact fitness? What can you do?

I have been having a really difficult time trying to fit fitness into my life since falling ill and now that I am back to work part time it seems even harder. I am constantly running low on energy and if I try to do some simple weight lifting or some moderate cardio I might as well just write the rest of the day off. My energy levels are so depleted after some simple exercise that I just have no quality of life. Yet, if I do not strive to improve my situation I will never reach the needed level competence to lead a fulfilling life nor will I be able to preform the basic needs to satisfy my role at my place of employment. I have found a great form of exercise that is both low impact and builds muscle as well as helps to re-cultivate the body’s energies. It revitalizes the body and helps to work to wards greater longevity helping achieve a life of vitality. This gental exercise is called Tai Chi. It is an evolved form of exercise built of of several taoist philosophies all working to wards breeding greater health in the human body. The roots of the exercises can be dated back many hundreds of years. This is a video that goes through some of the befits and shows the form that was developed by Moy Lin Shin, a Taoist monk who evolved the set to remove martial practices while enhancing the health benefits of the ancient art.

I hope this inspires you to consider trying out this simple, elegant and gental form of exercise. Since I have started to practice this art I have found improvement in my health and daily life.

**Remember before starting any kind of fitness routine consult with your doctor and if you do not know how to do these exercises properly then you should consult a professional who can show you how.**

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