Planet X – apparently a NASA leak.

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So I have stumbled across this awesome youtube video, check it out. Below the video I have posted what was originally posted under the video on youtube.

Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011
NASA Engineers use Universe Sandbox |

In 1983 IRAS (Infrared Astronomical Satellite) spotted a red dwarf, later named M6V 11825 (Minoris). Shortly after they discovered it was moving towards us, and fearing public panic, withdrew their statement.

After six months of studying the object, another red dwarf was found. It was named M6V 11826 (Majoris). The two had exited Gliese 881, which was once a trinary system. We now know that this process took approximately 1.2 billion years. The gravitational eddies from our neighboring star V645 Proxima Centauri is to blame.

While 11826 was steadily moving away from the suns gravity well, towards Proxima Centauri, 11825 was discovered to have been in orbit around the sun for approximately 300 million years. There was wide speculation among the people who had access as to whether or not it wiped out the dinosaurs with a close pass. Indeed, it did.

It is now known that the exact same thing is going to happen in 2012, as displayed in the simulation. It takes approximately 125 to 250 million years for the planetary orbits to repair themselves due to the gravitational riptides from Rigil Kentaurus.

I have no further information. There were only 6 others who had access to the information at the time. Perhaps someone else will come forward.

Please spread the word before this is forcibly removed. Or worse. A common tactic is to upload a video claiming it was a hoax, and a big joke. I am adding this to the description after they would have reviewed it, hopefully it will not be removed. If they do upload a video claiming it was a hoax, please, tell them you now know the truth and will not be silenced. This is a very minor incident compared to what they are preparing for, so I don’t think they’ll pay enough attention to see this after I edit it. I will be long gone before they figure out who I am, so don’t worry.

There are a few who attempt to mock the knowledge and cognitive comprehension of myself or mankind as a whole in an attempt to falsify the existence of this body without first applying rational scrutiny. The most commonly attacked prospect is the mathematics of the simulation in question.

In the beginning of the video, Earth is moving at approximately 30.3km/s. It’s eccentricity is 0.019, inclination 0.0019, it’s periapsis is 334, ascending node 128, and anomaly at epoch is 12.1. It’s orbit is obviously 1.00 years.

Approximately 2 hours after the passing, it’s orbital properties change immensely. The eccentricity is then 0.75, the inclination is 107, the argument is 96.4, the longitude of the ascending node is 165, and the mean anomaly at epoch is -5.17. Indeed, the eccentricity is increased to a point where it is only in the habitable range of the star for half of its orbit. Additionally, the orbital period of the planet nearly doubles.

As for the clockwise rotation of the simulation, the body is approaching from almost directly above us, its inclination is about 84.7 degrees. The simulation had to be recorded from below the ecliptic.

As for the actual authenticity of the video itself, you’ll just have to take my word. It would be appalling, I’d go so far as to say disgusting, if this was doctored or entirely fabricated. My intentions are only good.

I will no longer be here to answer your questions, I have to leave. My virtual private network provider has already alerted me that they were issued a subpoena for all information on me.

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