Finally the mystery of the great pyramids is solved!

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So I have been interested in the pyramids for a long long time, Especially how they were built and weather or not they were built by man. There have been so many theories but every one has been debunked. So part of me secretly hoped that they had been built buy gods or aliens or Atlantians. So every couple of years or so I do a search on ye old internets, seein gwhat anew stuff had been thought up and or proven/debunked.

Well as it stands now, it looks like a french dude has figured it out. From the documentary that I have embedded below show enough logical evidence and hold up to reason. This documentary is broken up into three parts but it is totally worth watching the whole thing. I think it all but proves that they were in fact built by brilliance and ingenuity of man. Have a look and see what you think. Please feel free to comment.

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