First Humiliation

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To help keep me on track and teach me the lessons I need to learn along the “way,” over the course of the year.

Decmber 31, 2010 This humiliaton was done to start the project of right… or at least from ground Zero.



For a Humiliation to occur I will have to fail to meet one of my fear challenges or fail to follow the schedule that I will be posting at the bottom of this page.  Failing a fear challenge will result in an automatic  Humiliation.  If i fail to meet the schedule I have set out before me, I will earn a “suck” counter and for every three counters earned, I will have to endure another humiliation.  (Of course the only exceptions to obtaining a “suck” counter will be illness, injury or emergency.  So, should I fail to meet a scheduling due to one of these reasons then no suck counter will be issued, however a fear challenge must be rescheduled for a later time that year.  If the fear challenge is not achieved at the rescheduled time a Humiliation must be fulfilled regardless of the reason it was missed.)

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