These are the items that I will be freeing my self from

Here i will be keeping a list of the books I have read every month that are specifically ProjectZen related as well as a list of all the things that i am giving away. i will also keep a list of any thing else i read for a couple of different reasons. One is so i can look back over the year and see just how much i read and what kind of material i spend the most time on. The second is to ensure that i read more that 12 books this year, not that will be an issue.

Due to being off work and on Long Term Disability (LTD) I am finding it hard to make all my bills and still have money for food. So I have decided to place some of the more easily sold items that I intend to give away into a “pile” that will be sold either in yard sale when i get better or on something like These items will be listed in red below.


–52. Collectors sword (LOTR)
–51. 3 bags of cloths
–50. 2 stand up living room lamps
–49. 2 hampers of cloths
J.48. Gutar Hero 1 and a guitar
–47. Guitar Hero 2
–46. Martin guitar (sold for a great deal)
–45.Guitar Hero 4 (complete with drum kit and guitar)
F.44. Guitar Hero Rock the eighties
–43. NorthFace jacket and four unused brand new athletic pull overs
–42. Rockband 1&2 with mic wireless, drums and 2 guitars
–41. Iphone 3G
M.40. Book on Origami
–39. Iphone fitted cover
–38. Book Shelf (1)
–37. Kitchen table
A.36. Book Shelf (2)
–35. Kubotan
–34. Puzzles $5
–33. Board games $5-$15
–32. Desk lamp $10
M.31. Set of computer speakers with sub (logitech)
–30. Kubotan
–29. Dell lap top computer
–28. Seagull guitar & hard case $20
J.27. Portable easel $10
–26. Apple Lap top computer (pro) (sold)
–25. Lot of 20 comic books or entire series
–24. computer reference books $1ea
–23. Keyboard and Mouse
J.22. lot of 20 comic books
–21. Lot of 10 books $5
–20. Ladder rack $250
–19. Scanner $10
A.18. Set of large shelfs (wall mounted)
–17. Set of small shelfs (wall mounted)
–16. Bunk bed and folding couch
–15. Printer
S.14. Couch $350
–13. Playstation 2 $0 with pick up
–12. Drawing table $150
–11. New black futon frame $50
–10. Stove top espresso machine
O.9. Pine coffee table
–8. 8 gig jump drive
–7. Bodem coffee maker
–6. 2 gigs of ram for Mac
N.5. Electric organ $250
–4. ZaggMate iPad bluetooth keboard and case $80

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