Project Zen Books


1. The Method of Zen
2. The Unfettered Mind
3. The Empty Mirror
4. The Essence of Karate
5. Writtings of the Zen Masters
6. Zen and the Art of Leadership
7. The China Study
8. Karate Do – My Way of Life
9. Striking Thoughts
10. Zen and the Martial Arts
11. Buddhism Plan and Simple


1. The Preacher (books 1-9)
2. One Piece (books 1-2)
3. Vagabond (books 1-9)
4. The Art of War
5. City of Dust
6. Death Note (black edition 1-5)
7. Bakuman (books 1-7)
8. National Geographic (Jan-Dec 2010 issues)
9. Ghost in the Shell (books 1-2)
10. Pocket Book of Knots
11. Japanese Braiding
12. Fat wars
13. Master Cleanser
14. Way of the Peaceful Warrior
15. Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior
16. Feast of Crows
17. Countless internet articles on various topics
18. The fourth riech
19. Warhammer 2nd ed.
20. Murder at the Vulger Unicorn
21. A guide to Sanctuary

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