Projects I am working on …


1. Wa Ki Ryu book (75% complete)
2. Develope a woman’s self-defence course (80% complete)
3. Revamp store front (complete)
4. Design E-bike and if possible $$ build (design complete)
5. Finish Concept art for Comic book (35% complete)
6. Story outline for comic (complete)
7. Launch website for Thursday game night (complete)
8. Build website for StaySafeVictoria self defence school (50% complete)
9. Build template and “under construction” page for (complete)
10. Design banner add (complete)
11. Fix briked iphone (long story, so far FAILn, no wait… TOTAL WIN!!!)
12. Build/mod custom folding knife (50% complete)
13. Fix mac after catastrophic hard drive failure (complete)
14. Rebuild in new format that can be edited on phone (complete)
15. Recover lost data on corrupted hard drive (so far FAIL… there may be hope)
16. Build replica set of Japanese Armour out of industrial plastic (40% complete)
17. Design and build pilot site for testing a Character Record Sheet iphone APP (35% complete working with a friend on this)
18. Design and build a game APP for iPhone (15% complete)
19. repair and mod iPod mini for friends (50% compete)

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